Self Confidence: How to Enhance it



Self confidence is the most important part of humankind. A person with self-confidence has the will to take risks in achieving their goals, and thinks positively about the future. The one who lacks self-confidence, however, tends to have a negative perspective about him/her self and their life. If you have low self respect, don’t worry. Self-confidence is something you can improve!

Nobody is born with self-confidence but one has to work on building it for years. Self-confidence is something that you learn to build up on your own. The challenging day to day life events can collapse your confidence. Here are some of the practices that can help you boost your self-confidence.

Self Confidence
  • Have a great attitude – Your attitude is the most important factor in improving your confidence as the attitude determines your altitude. To give your self-confidence a hop, you must have a positive attitude. A person with a negative attitude is always held back by his/her own inner voice and thus lacks self-confidence.
  • Maintain a positive support system – Everyone needs to have a strong support system to excel in life.  One must stay connected with the people who always keep your point of view raised. Sometimes people might criticize you and make you feel bad. Think about those people who really make you feel great. If you ever feel de-motivated, talk to them and enhance your confidence.
  • Locate your talents – Everyone has something in them. Find out the things you are good at, your talents, hobbies, etc. Your interests will make you feel more confident. While following your passion, you will not only have a therapeutic effect but this will help you feel more accomplished and more confident.
  • Have self-respect – One must feel proud about themselves. Not only your skills and talents but it can be anything that you can have proud of. It can be your sense of humour, your communication skills, your listening skills or your ability to deal with various situations. It can also be any of your personality traits. Dig deep within yourself and be proud of what you are. It will not only help you have a increased confidence but also you will respect yourself more.
  • Accept compliments elegantly – The people with low self-esteem have difficulty in taking compliments. They assume on their own. They would always feel that the person complimenting them is either lying or making fun of them. Take the compliments by heart and respond to them positively. Let the person complimenting you know that you really appreciate what they said.
  • Learn to deal with emotions – Human is full of emotions. Be it fear, joy, sadness, everyone has it. You might think that people who are self-confident are never fearful but this is just not true. A confident person also has fear. But the one who learns to confront what they fear of, they gain self-confidence.
  • Be patient – Life is full of challenges. The difficulties might make you go backwards sometimes. You might not achieve your goals when you try for the first time but you will definitely learn an important lesson. Learn these life lessons and eventually you will have the confidence to face all difficulties with strength. Self-confidence needs to be fostered slowly.
  • Don’t compare – Competition is good but when you compete with yourself. When you are trying to build your self-confidence, you must focus on improving yourself for good, and not compare yourself with others. There are people who are prettier, smarter and richer than you but also there are people who are less prettier, less smarter and less wealthier than you. So don’t compare yourself with anyone but have your own happiness standards. When you set your own parameters, you will be more confident.
  • Know your insecurities – Everyone has insecurities. Your inner voice can make you uncomfortable sometimes. The insecurity could either be your own personality, your past experiences, any regrets or some trauma. What so ever is making you feel unworthy or inferior, just find it out and empower yourself by working on it.
  • Take care of yourself – Taking good care of yourself is what you can do best to uplift your confidence. Groom yourself regularly and exercise regularly. Take proper sleep. If you take proper care of yourself, you will feel more confident.


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