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As per the surveys, the biggest issue India is dealing with is unemployment. This problem is common across the entire country covering be it metro cities or smaller town. But let us inform you something really important. Getting a stable job is not such a big challenge in India. Yea you read it right. If you are not academically strong but are skilled, you can easily get a skilled based stable job.

Since India is a growing at a fast pace, this is a true fact that India needs more of skilled professionals who are able to offer unique professional services that are in high demand. Even our Honourable Prime Minister Shri Modi ji started a ‘Skill India’ campaign which aims at developing young skilled professionals. If you are looking good at some skill but are not able to get a respectable income, you can join any of these short-term job oriented courses that offer 100% guarantee of job.

Here is a list of a few trending skill based courses that you can think of considering to have a bright future.

1. Make Up & Hair Dressing Courses

Make Up & Hair Dressing Courses

People these days are obsessed with Facebook and Instagram, so looking picture perfect all the time is the prime priority. As a result, there is a serious rise in the demand for professional make-up artists and hair-dressers.

In the past, make-up artists and hair-dressers were limited to celebrities and high-society people but today, everybody wants to look like a superstar. And that’s when you need a make-up and hair dressing artist. There are many renowned institutes that offer courses in make-up and hair dressing. Some of them even hire their talented students for their own Salons and Parlours. Jawed Habib is one such brand. Shahnaz Hussain is also a big name in this field.

 If you really think that make-up and hair-dressing is your thing, you can go for a professional course and get a job with even the media houses and film production houses. You can even start your own business if you are skilled enough.

Eligibility: Graduate / Undergraduate

Skills Required: Creativity

Expected Salary: Rs 15000 – Rs 25000

2. Foreign Language

Foreign Language

If you are willing to learn something new always, what you can opt for is a Foreign Language Course. India has emerged as a global economic power, especially in IT, and thus foreign language professionals are in high demand. MNCs are looking for professionals who can act as a link between people across borders. Not only MNCs but foreign language experts can also get a chance to join Foreign Embassies. If you are a thorough professional, you can also get a chance to join Government of India as a Language Interpreter.

There are many well-known institutes in India that offer remarkable foreign language courses. You can go for Alliance Française to learn French, or Goethe Institute Max Mueller Bhavan for German language courses.

Eligibility: Graduate / Undergraduate

Skills Required: Basic understanding of language

Expected Salary: Rs 30000 – Rs 40000

3. Mobile Repairing Course

Mobile Repairing Course

Mobile Phones have become the most important part of our life. We are so dependent on these delicate devices that we just cannot do without them. These devices need regular service and repairing. When our phone requires repairing, we usually look for local skilled repair professionals as the company might charge us more. But the skilled repair professionals are sometimes hard to find. So those who are willing to learn repairing these pieces of technology can enrol for this course.

Though there are very few established mobile repairing institutes that offer such a course but slowly the market for it is developing.

Eligibility: Graduate/ Undergraduate

Skills Required: Creativity

Expected Salary: Rs 20000 – Rs 25000

4. Radio Jockey / Video Jockey

Radio Jockey / Video Jockey

Are you a chit-chat box? And have a flair for music? Yes? Wow! You can make your hobby, your career. If interested, consider a career as a Radio Jockey or a Video Jockey. With the rise of FM radio stations across the country, the job profile of Radio Jockeys is on the rise. If you also want to get a name and fame like RJ Naved and others, you must join a radio jockey course which is easily available across the country.

Most of the RJ courses are of 6 months duration and they provide you basic knowledge of the industry, content production and the basic skills required to make it big in the radio world.

Eligibility: Graduates

Skills Required: Creativity, Unique Voice

Expected Salary: Rs 30000 – Rs 40000

5. Fitness / Yoga Trainers

Fitness / Yoga Trainers

Having a fit and healthy body is very important and it is in trend these days. Be it a youngster or an older person, everyone is running for a fit body. Because of the health hazards we face due to our lifestyles, everyone is looking for ways to stay healthy and fit. Due to the increased alertness towards healthy living, the demand for fitness trainers, Gym and Yoga instructors has reached a record high.

If you are obsessed with fitness and helping others do the same, you can go for short-term courses to become a certified gym and yoga trainers. A number of established gym chains offer 2-3 months courses for fitness trainers. Not only this, many Yoga institutes have also come up to train professionals to aware people about a healthy living.

Eligibility: Graduate / Undergraduate

Skills Required: Fitness freak

Expected Salary: Rs 20000 – Rs 30000

6. Tourism Courses

Tourism Courses

Tourism is another major industry that is growing fast. It requires skilled professionals who can help the tourists explore the country. Right from arranging train and flight tickets, preparing travel itinerary for travellers, a tourism expert has to do it all. There is a great scope of growth in this field. While traditional tourism focussed on visiting the already known places, the new-age travel professionals help the travellers to explore the unseen India.

There are several established travel and tourism institutes across the country, which offer both long term and short term courses but recently, with the growing need, many institutes have started introducing certificate courses that are specially designed for tourism professionals.

Eligibility: Graduate

Skills Required: Zeal to travel and explore new places

Expected Salary: Rs 20000 – Rs 30000

7. Event Management Courses

Event Management Courses

Another major field that is emerging in India is the event management industry. Those who are gifted with great communication skills, networking ability and a zeal to get things done, they can go for event management courses. If you have ever enjoyed organising your college fest or planned some parties for your office or friends, you can be a great candidate for the Event Management Course.

There are many institutes which offer quality courses for aspiring event managers. From designing presentations, preparing estimates to handling challenging situations, a certificate course in event management will help you deal with everything that comes your way. 

Eligibility: Graduate

Skills Required: Communication Skills, Networking

Expected Salary: Rs 25000 – Rs 35000


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