Solo Cycle Trip From North India to South India



In today’s time, when we plan a trip, the first thing that comes to our mind is the mode of travelling. Some of us would opt for going via train and some by flight, and some would prefer a car or motorbike. But would you ever try a bicycle? I bet not, because it sounds impossible. But Ajay Chaudhary is among the very few people around who preferred bicycle and recently done it alone.

In Nov 2019, he cycled all the way from Faridabad to Kanyakumari, when asked he said it was IFFI( International Film Festival), a Film fest in Goa which he planned to attend. After spending a couple of days there, he continued the adventure as he was not tired nor exhausted. So he turned his bicycle towards south India and entered Karnataka following Tamilnadu and eventually reached the bottom of our country Kanyakumari on 25 Dec, 19.

Our little Legend gives full credit to his bicycle Firefox Maximus on which he made this two month adventurous journey, filled with sweat and thrill possible. When we asked him about the motivation behind the cycle trip, he says first he is a fan of ‘Jo jeeta wahi sikander’ and told us that air, as well as noise pollution, really bothers him. Thus, he chose cycling since his college days and continues it even today. That’s why he made this little attempt to bust the myth of people underestimating bicycles over bikes and planned to cycle on a solo road trip. He says cycling is not only a solution to a pollution-free environment but also a key to a healthy lifestyle, though it is an individual’s choice to make. Apart from the social cause, this adventure also helped him to explore spiritually. At first, he was fearful of travelling alone but eventually, the experience made him confident and strong enough to travel alone. He is also very thankful to all the people he met in the different parts of our country as, without their help, he could have never accomplished this beautiful journey.

Surprisingly, he had shot the entire journey on his phone and made a video series out of it. So if his adventure really excites you then please check Youtube channel ‘Travelling chull’ where he has shared his experience.


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