Solo Travelling- A New way of travel to tourist destinations among the youth.


We all have very fond memories of going on hill stations with our family on summer vacations, and even today when we see those old photographs we get nostalgic instantly.

And thus we all love travelling, isn’t it? Even today it is impossible to skip any opportunity to travel to new destinations either with family or friends. But there are many people among us who enjoy being single on trips and prefer to travel the world alone. This is famously called ‘Solo Travelling’ which has become immensely popular lately across the youth for men and women as well. This means not only males but females are unfearful to travel alone to new places all by themselves to enjoy their individual company and natural surroundings. Apparently, Solo travelling has been considered ideal for taking a break from the hectic and busy life where when escapes to nature and spends time alone to relax. Lately, lots of people are travelling alone or planning solo vacations to visit tourist destinations to enjoy the solitude with nature.

Travelling as YouTube Career

Social media platform Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are filled with delightful pictures and videos of their unique experiences to be shared with their friends. In fact, some fortunate people have made an actual job out of this new trend for travelling the world alone to make Solo trip experiences for their followers on YouTube and Instagram which earns them good money as well. It has become a hot profession now for YouTubers to visit tourist places in the country as well as outside and post the pics and videos on their social accounts resulting in good fortune and a huge fan base. Now women have also joined the Solo Travelling trend as apparently there are women travelling alone all by themselves to tourist places across the world.

Camping & Hitchhiking for Youth

Solo travelling is not limited to travelling alone as camping and hitchhiking have also become part of their interest. So they not only tour alone but stay at different places in their camps by installing them at night and then continue their travel the next day with the help of the locals.

Although this whole idea of travelling, camping and hitchhiking alone, is very new for us so the question of safety arises, not for males but females also. So proper guidance is very much required for Solo Travelling and safety measures should be taken to solo trips. There are plenty of videos available about travelling alone or solo trips to take which could give you basic tips on Dos and Don’ts on tourist places. However one should share their itinerary and regular locations of night stay with their family in case of any mishappening.

Meanwhile, you should be open to such beautiful experiences and enjoy the solitude with Mother Nature as it develops the bond with your surroundings which leaves a positive effect on you.

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