Stop Doing These Habits That Can Ruin Your Eyelashes

Stop Doing These Habits That Can Ruin Your Eyelashes


Eyelash is not just a typical hair that protects your eyes. More than that, eyelash is something that contributes to a person’s beauty. And you’ll realize that people are created by a genuine artist. Although people may have different forms of lashes, long or short, thick or thin, they are all beautiful in their own way. However, many girls and makeup enthusiasts can attest to doing things that might harm them eventually. Believing that they can improve their lashes for the better, some people tend to use products that can cause unwanted results rather than improve. Here are some of the common mistakes you’re unaware of.

Rubbing your eyes often

Let’s start with the simplest mistake which you think is totally fine but you’re actually wrong. Making a habit of rubbing your eyes can lead to infection. Let me prove it by saying that your hands are full of bacteria. And since lashes are made to protect your eyes from dirt, they might absorb all the bacteria from your hands. It goes the same with catching bacteria when you share your makeup tools with others. You would notice that your eyes turn red when they get irritated.

Wearing falsies with too much mascara

False eyelashes may really look good on you but you have no idea how improper usage of falsies can damage your entire eyes. Worse is that most enthusiasts are in love with the idea of smudge-proof all day long. However, products with waterproof formula contain powerful chemicals that let them stick more securely. This makes it harder to remove them from your lashes. And the longer it sticks to your lashes is the more they’re at risk of chemical absorption that can eventually stress them out. Yes, lashes get stressed too and when that happens, they start becoming thin, dry, and brittle which often leads to permanent hair loss.

Curling improperly

Ophthalmologists do not really advise the use of lash curlers especially when the process of curling can damage the lashes. But you can curl your lashes if you really want to get them longer and on fleek but make sure to curl before you put on your mascara. Take note: do not try to squeeze up to the lashes’ rim.

Sleeping with makeup

Women sometimes forget to remove their makeup before going to bed and we totally understand why. Well, nobody feels like washing their face after a long tiring day while others get frustrated with stubborn waterproof mascara so they’ll just leave it there. But doing this for more than twice or thrice can become a regular habit. A habit that will not only lead to acne breakout but will also damage your lashes. For lazy nights, you can use facial wet wipes to clear up your face.

Applying tints

Tint treatments for eyebrows and eyelashes are becoming a trend these days. Sure you’ll love it because it enhances your natural brows and lashes. But do not indulge too often, especially to beautification methods that you’re not really aware of. Tint treatments are actually banned in some states. Tint products contain chemicals that can cause allergic reactions to the patient.

Excessive heating

Frequent exposure to heat and blow dry can weaken the roots and foundation of your lashes. This gives them a dry and brittle texture. So if you’re fond of drying your brows and lash hair to warm them for makeup, you have to stop it now.


Here’s what could happen if you keep on doing these mistakes:

A lot of women end up with an eye infection and other related problems because of negligence and improper use of cosmetic products and tools. Some cases include permanent hair loss, infection, swelling of the eyelids, and worse, complete blindness. These are diagnosed by different tests and screening process including MRI (for diagnosis of other causes of visual loss such as tumors) and retinal imaging. If you feel any irritation and swelling that brought about by these habits, do not hesitate to see a doctor right away.


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