Story of a Beer bottle


It was an evening hour, and I was cycling back to my home from my office. There was a crawling jam as expected crossing Ajronda flyover, in Faridabad and so was I. Though I was a little tired the continuous horn blows of different sounds of vehicles kept me motivated to paddle the cycle. It could be like any other day but it wasn’t as a dark colour bottle suddenly flashed in front of my eyes and hit the pavement. It was easy to guess from the broken lying parts that it was a beer bottle and without any further use it had to get ride off. This unwanted incident led me to look for the recent owner of this shattered bottle and I should confess that I really had an image in my mind of a person who would be doing it. But it took me by surprise when my curious eyes spotted a Black colour Hyundai car side window was rolling up. By this time, my cycle and the car are very next to each other because of the traffic jam and without missing this opportunity I could see the face of the two guys sitting in front seats. They are two men formally dressed and busy with their personal conversation as this is not an unusual activity for them. It has not hard to imagine that they are returning from their long office hours and to close this hectic day they had opted for the idea of drinking beer. I wouldn’t argue if they had chosen to drink in a bar as it is up to them although it is not permitted to enjoy their drinks while driving. But it is not social and totally unacceptable to me as this bottle could smash anybody on the road or its broken pieces damage any other vehicle. With a disgusted feeling on my face I stared at those guys and the moment they felt the seriousness of the situation, they both unapologetically covered their faces with the masks. Meanwhile, the road has become clear enough which allowed them to speed up their luxury vehicle and leaving me behind with my dilemma for what could be done about this whole irresponsible incident.

First, I could have stopped their car and argued with them about the drinking and driving action with a moral lecture which was not possible in a traffic jam where every one of us exhausted and tired only cares to reach the home. Another thing I could do was to click their pictures and post them on my social platforms which also seemed pointless to me as what would be the result of defaming two guys who are living their life as they desire to be. We all like to live in our own ways, but throwing beer or alcohol glass bottles on road after use is not necessary. To be honest it is not just about this incident as I have seen educated and well-dressed people throwing their eatable leftovers on the road while walking or riding in cars regularly where dustbins are nearby available. This daily habit of people throwing leftover around always took my attention and raises curiosity to ask why they feel the need to get rid of a wrapper of candy or chips packet immediately after eating it. Most of the time you could just fold it and put it in your pocket or carry the used cold drink bottle till you find a dustbin nearby. Of course, there are exceptions that sometimes times the leftover/garbage is not possible to carry then sir please do throw it but why every time. Why make a habit out of it and if someone asks us to not do it, then argue with your illogical reasoning of what difference does it make. It made difference to me at least and amuses my close ones when I take used candy/chocolate cover from them and put it in my pocket instead of throwing it on road.

In the conclusion I want to say ‘keep your shit to yourselves only’ or someday in near future, Aparichit might find you and you know the rest.


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