Surdas Jayanti 2019, The Birthday of a Beautiful Soul



Surdas Jayanti is celebrated as the birthday of a glorified soul, Saint Surdas. He was blind but he was known for his tremendous work.

He actually complimented his name Surdas which means the “servant of melody”. He was known for his literary skills, his poems and songs.

He was a great follower of Lord Krishna. Since childhood, he had a keen interest in writing poetry and singing for Lord Krishna. He used to write in the language of Braj which is the native language of Vrindavan.

Though the exact birth date of Saint Surdas is unknown, it will be celebrated on 7th May 2019. Born in a Saraswat Brahmin family, he was born to Pandit Ramdas Saraswat. After being neglected by his family due to his blindness, he left his home. He started living on the banks of Yamuna River and spent his time offering prayers to Lord Krishna.

One day, he met Shri Vallabhacharya while he was going to Vrindavan and thus Saint Surdas became his disciple.

Celebration of Surdas Jayanti

People who have an interest in music and poetry celebrate this Jayanti with great worship and devotion. Some people organise special programs as a devotion to the Saint and his work.

In a few areas, cultural programs are also held in large numbers in his dedication. People chant the manuscripts written by him and also Bhajans and Kirtans are also organized on this day to remember the great Saint.


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