The Festival of Democracy in India- The Power of Vote



India is one of the largest democracies where the word democracy itself means ‘rule of the majority’. Due to the democracy in India, the voters are envisioned to be the decision makers of the Indian Political system. A nation’s development solely depends upon electing the right political party to form a government. The government thus formed makes policies to empower the nation as well as the voters.


But a large population of the country still is unaware of the strength of their vote. They do not know the real meaning of ‘Republic Bharat’. Luckily the youth of our country is becoming a responsible part of the population, which wishes to see some changes in the old school governance and their policies. Our youth is not scared of raising its opinion. Looking into the current scenario, the young voters play a major role in the Indian democracy.

Not only the youth, but each and every vote is equally important in deciding the future of a country. Until unless we vote, we have no right to blame the government for the way they govern the system. For those who do not understand the strength of a vote, let us tell you, your single vote can change the system completely.

Our Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji, who has been continuously making efforts to take India to some different levels, is being called a ‘Chawkidar’. We must appreciate his hard work and dedication towards the nation.  He has set aside the vile laws of politics and has recently appealed to the common man to vote. The Election Commission of India has finalized the date for the elections. It will be held in seven phases from April 11 to May 19. The PM has requested all the politicians, film stars, cricketers and other known faces to urge people and ensure greater participation in the coming elections.  Look at his latest tweets here:


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