The King of PUBG in India Hydra Dynamo: Check Details Here

Indian PUBG King Check More


PlayerUnknown’s Battle Ground aka PUBG Mobile is the most favourite game of all hardcore mobile gamers. When the emulator version of PUBG Mobile was released, a lot of PC gamers switched to PUBG Mobile version. The emulator versions are easy to play and control but the player will be paired with the emulator players.

One of the famous PUBG Mobile Emulator players is Hydra Dynamo. PUBG should be better called Dynamo PUBG.


Those who have played with Hydra Dynamo and have been beaten up by him, let us give you a brief about him. Adi Sawant is Dynamo’s real name. Dynamo Gaming is a 24 years old graduate from Mumbai, Maharashtra. Dynamo has created such a buzz that it is the most trending name in the PUBG community. Dynamo is a dedicated PUBG Mobile Emulator player who had attained conqueror in last season.


Dynamo Gaming has more than 1.5 million YouTube subscribers. His gaming skills, commentary on streaming, headshot accuracy are the qualities that attract the players to subscribe to Dynamo Gaming. He has even been featured in some famous news vents like Economics Times, News18, SportsKeeda, and a lot more.

Know More About Adi Sawant Aka Hydra Dynamo:-

Earning of Dynamo 2-5 Lakh Per Month

Channel Name:- Hydra Dynamo

Channel Subs:- 1.5M+

Residence:- Mumbai


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