The Place to Visit; Secret Heaven of Haryana: Morni



Wanna break free over the weekend? Morni hills, Haryana, just a 5 hours’ drive from Delhi, situated 35 km from Panchkula, is ideal for your weekend gush. The place is ‘just right’ because of its cool climate, beautiful Himalayan views, alluring flora and fauna and ample opportunities for trekking, rock-climbing, camping and other adventurous activities. Morni is the perfect amalgamation of fun and deed.

Tourist Place in Haryana Morni

Imagine yourself strolling through the forest and finding different species of birds like mountail quail, sand grouse, doves, woodpeckers, barbets, chirping around you. The range seethes with jackals, hyenas, sambhars and other wild animalsincluding leopards also. One can easily drool over the fascinating range of flowering trees bestowing a delightful sight.

Haryana tourism caters the tourists with their TikkarTaal resort. An amazing restaurant and a bar with lush green lawns tempts the visitors. You can enjoy trekking through the mountains and have a mesmerising evening at the lakefront. Those looking for an evening away from the hustle and bustle of city life can steal a few moments amidst the beauty of nature. Enjoy camping at the lakefront and a venturesome encounter at the Spooky House at the Adventure Park situated nearby. The resort offers picnic ground with outdoor seats, cobbled path for strolls, fountains, boating and paragliding also.

A short walk through the woods can take you to the waterfall off the cliff at Thalapur.

There is an old fort, the Morni Fort, which is in ruins now, but the Forest Department of Haryana has converted it into a museum. It houses old photographs of the fort, endangered bird and animal species and also a study centre.

Mystery and history are also major attractions of this range. There are two lakes (taals) namely tikkartaal and chhotatikkartaal which are separated by a hill. Locals say that the two taals are linked through some hidden mysterious channel which keeps the level of both the lakes equal. People consider the lakes auspicious and gather here for ceremonies and special occasions. Thakur Dwara Temple on the banks of TikkarTaal, which is considered holy by the locals, was built on the site in 10th century.

Those who want to wander into the nature but are running short of time can give Morni a shot. Feel the clouds floating below you, cool breeze with drizzle all around and the unexplored beauty of the mother Earth at Morni Hills.


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