These Food Combinations are Deadly to Eat! Must Read

Combination of Food That Cause Food Poisoning


A person who takes a balanced diet stays fit and healthy always. All the different foods we consume provide different kinds of nutrients to our body. Everything we eat affects our body as per its chemical nature. Mixing two different things together or eating them one after the other might taste delicious but their constituents may combine together to react in such a way that it can be very dangerous to your body. Mixing of such foods together is known as Incompatible food in Ayurveda. Even tea combined with biscuits, milk with bananas, etc. is considered incompatible but we hardly know about it. Foods like almonds, eggs, curd, milk, spinach etc that are very healthy, can be harmful if consumed with wrong foods.  We never notice but these combinations can cause hair damage, skin problems and even digestive issues. And eventually, these problems become incurable.

Given below is a list of foods that are incompatible and must not be combined together.

Milk with bananas –


Milk is an animal protein. It should never be combined with onion, oranges, bananas, pineapple, curd, meat or fish. Milk combined with bananas is considered to be healthy but actually, the two foods do not let each other get digested by the body. Taking milk with bananas regularly disturbs the digestive process and this can cause insomnia.

Onion and milk –


If you have had raw onion in the salad, avoid drinking milk after that.  The combination of milk and onion can cause skin disorders and allergies.

Citric fruits with milk –


Eating citric fruits like oranges, pineapple etc. after milk or having these fruits before consuming milk can cause acidity and stomach infections.

Curd with meat, banana, black lentils or tomatoes –


Curd consumed with fruits produces mucus in the body which gets accumulated in the lungs and can even cause blockage in the veins. Curd with black lentils increases the blood pressure in the body.

Peanuts with beer or aerated drinks –


Consuming beer or cold drink with peanuts is very common. But none of us knows that this combination causes dehydration in the body by lowering the Sodium levels. Dehydration can further cause dizziness, food poisoning or other stomach ailments.

Ghee –


Never store ghee in a copper vessel. Ghee stored in a copper vessel is harmful to our health.

Ghee with honey –


Ghee if mixed with honey is highly poisonous and can harm the body.

Tomatoes and cucumber –


They are the most commonly used salad ingredients but a recent study stated that the combination of tomatoes and cucumber create digestive issues. So try to avoid the two foods together. Moreover, eat the salad with your food and not after the meal because this can slow down the digestion process.

Carrots with lemon –


Consuming carrots with lemon causes heartburn and acidity. It can even cause urine infections.

Radish with milk, honey or grapes –


Having milk, honey or grapes after radish is also very harmful for our health.

Fish or meat with sprouts, cheese, potato or starch –


These combinations are also very harmful for your health.

Meat with sesame oil –


Meat or fish should never be cooked in sesame oil.


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