This is The Reason You Should Always go for the Extended Warranty

No Extended Warrenty = 50,000


Maruti Suzuki is a leading Automotive company in India known for its reliability, after-sales services and dealer network. The Maruti cars are very much reliable but still, it is a machine. Here is a case of Steering Failure of 2015 model Swift Dzire thanks to the extended warranty.

The vehicle is August 2015 make and registered and was protected by Extended Warranty for 4 year and 80k km. One day when I cranked the engine everything seems good but then I noticed that the power steering did not respond it was very hard and then I noticed the warning light in the cluster. I immediately turned the vehicle off and looked for the surroundings and inspected the vehicle for the flat tyre. It was night and I was standing at a Dhaba in between Jaipur and Ajmer. In the situation, I was a bit worried as I had to reach office after 8hrs. Then with no help, I moved on with the same steering issue. Although I own a Maruti Gypsy with no power steering it seemed to be much lighter as compared to the failed steering of the Dzire. I reached home and parked it. Next day when I started the vehicle it was all good. I took it to the Authorised service centre in Faridabad named Vipul Motors. They inspected the vehicle and assured it was all okay! Might be some faulty coupler and cleaned the coupler and delivered the vehicle.

The same issue arrived after one week, I was so pissed off and disappointed with service and the response from MASS. I took the car again to the service centre and met the GM service. He assured me and diagnosed the vehicle and here we got the fault, it was the torque sensor of the steering column, they deleted the code and said the issue is sorted out and told me to take the vehicle. I asked the GM what if this happens again?

He replied ‘Are Sir hum Hain na? aap kyu tension le rhe ho?’


I sent a mail to MSIL that night and asked for a written assurance that if the problem persists even after my extended warranty MASS will be responsible for that. After two days I got a call from Vipul Motors that an order has been placed for your car and the Steering Column will be changed and it will be done under warranty. I took the car there and got the part changed the same day. Thanks to the extended warranty I bought for INR 8,300.00 has now saved my INR 42,000. Still, I paid INR 14 for two screws. LOL! You need to be careful with the vehicle and don’t get fooled by the service centre guys.


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