Top-10 Beauty Products that one should buy

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There are lots of products in the cosmetic and beauty industry but the most preferred, and rated best are as follows:

  1. MAC

The best-preferred brand for a beauty product is MAC. In the year 2019, it has the highest rating on every social networking app and every online shopping site. Its foundation and body toners suit every skin type.

     2. Bobbi Brown 

It is second on the chart when it comes to beauty products and skincare, the product encourages beauty in every color and size, and the product guarantees to embrace the inner beauty and believes a woman is most beautiful when she looks and feels like herself.  

     3. L’Oreal

It stands third on the chart and is most liked by the people because of its affordable price. It is a French company that is a global leader in the beauty industry. 

     4. Chanel

As the tag line says, you don’t need to buy couture clothing to be able to wear luxury. It reflects it’s meaning in its high-quality products, which they assure to be completely herbal.

     5. NYX

It is one of the fastest-growing beauty brands in the world, which is most famous for its high-quality goods, rich pigments, and affordable prices. 

     6. NARS

It is one of the oldest brands in the beauty industry, i.e., from 1994, they launched with just 12 lipsticks, and now they are one of the leading brands in the beauty industry.

    7. Maybelline 

It started as a small scale industry, but now is one of the leading companies in the beauty industry. It is inspired by confident and accomplished women; the label encourages all ladies to flaunt their individuality.

   8. Estee Lauder 

The products of this company offer an advanced selection of high-quality makeup, skincare, and fragrance products. Estee Lauder is helping women to enhance their beauty since 1946.

   9. Revlon 

It has one of the best reviews one can find in the beauty industry. Revlon is moving forward in the chart because of its new campaign titled live boldly, encouraging ladies to express themselves with passion, optimism, strength, and style.

10. Lancome

Last but not least, Lancome is the perfect combination of science and nature the brand serves for 80 years and still motivates women to embrace their beauty


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