Top 10 Chanakya Nitiya(Quotes) to Become Successful in Life



Chanakya, an ancient Indian teacher, philosopher, royal advisor, who is traditionally recognized as Kautilya, authored the Arthashastra. Chanakya was not a warrior but his brain was. He certainly was an explorer of Indian political science and economics. He knew the ways to deal the life issues and stay one step ahead.  Here are some of his ‘nitis’ that everyone must remember.

Chanakya Niti(Quotes) for Success

  1. The biggest mantra in life: never share your secrets with anyone. It can destroy you.
  2. Once you have started working on something, do not get frightened of failure and don’t forsake it. People who work with sincerity are the happiest.
  3. A person is great by actions and not by birth.
  4. Time is something that perfects men but also can destroy them.
  5. God is not present in images and statues. Your feelings are your God and your soul is your temple.
  6. It is better to die than to exist by suffering dishonour. The loss of life causes just a moment’s misery but dishonour brings the sorrow every day.
  7. Your soul is the Temple where dwells the God as your feelings.
  8. Even if a snake is not virulent, it must pretend to be lethal.
  9. Young adulthood and the charm of a woman are the world’s biggest power.
  10. Knowledge is a person’s best friend. An educated man is respected everywhere. Education can beat the charm as well as the youth.

These are the principles everyone must abide by.


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