Top 20 Best Tinder Funny Bios For Boys (MALE) India Get Matched

Best Tinder Bios For Guys India


Top 20 Best Tinder Funny Bios For Boys (MALE) India Get Matched

Do you need the mystery formula for Tinder profiles to get more matches and even Tinder super likes?

All things considered, this is actually what you’ll gain from this post.

There are more than 50 million clients on Tinder. That is a great deal of fish swimming around searching for connections and Tinder Hookups. To stand apart from the group, you should be vital.

The main thing you have to know is that on Tinder, your Tinder profile is everything. Since the Tinder bio is a significant piece of your dating profile, at that point it’s an easy decision that it should be acceptable. Great.

Top 20 Best Tinder Funny Bios For Boys (MALE) India are Below

Am I cute? No. Do I have a nice personality?
Also, no.

So here’s how this will go:
We’ll exchange punny pickup lines
I’ll make small talk, you will mention the puppy
Pretty sure it’ll get flirty
Eventually, you’ll send me your number

Risking it all, I ask you out & you say yes
I wasn’t expecting to get this far
Good chance we’ll get drunk at a party or bar
Hey wanna choose what happens next?
Then go and read the first letter of each line

If I were an object I would be a left shoe because I am looking for my right match. My sole mate if you will

Last time I was someone’s type I was donating blood

I’m the kinda girl you can take home to your family.
I will then get closer to them than you are and we’ll slowly phase you out.

damn boy you could be my GPA because I know I can do better
i’m just too lazy to actually try

Pro: not afraid of spiders
Con: afraid of moths

Pro: can cook
Con: will try to get you to do the dishes

Pro: can probably out- drink you
Con: probably actually can’t but will try anyway

Pro: really cuddly
Con: lacks personal space when asleep

Pro: loves animals
Con: may steal your pets

Pro: has a good sense of humour
Con: none. I’m funny.

My nickname is Gillette because I’m the best a man can ever get. Also, I can cut you

Two reasons to date me:
1. Because you’d be the good looking one
2. Please

I’m cultured in that I like imported beers and travelling.

If you can’t laugh at yourself, I probably will.

It’s tough being a single mom. Or so I’m told, I wouldn’t know; I don’t have kids.

I’m dying to meet you.
Where can ICU?

Just looking for my future ex-husband (s)

Grandfather seeking companion for granddaughter. She suffers from poor choices.

I’m dying so you don’t have to worry about a long term commitment

For the love of God, someone please date me so I can stop bringing my Mom to costume parties

Honestly, I’m just here looking for my parents. They disappeared one night a few years ago, and I heard I might be able to find them here. Please contact me if you have any pertinent information.

My one dream in life is to end up on r/tinder. Such clever. Wow. Still hate cats.


Make it welcoming. Keep in mind, the thought is to get a response even before you folks are talking. So by giving data about yourself, she may see that you folks share something practically speaking and she will be intrigued.

Does it appear to be a great deal?

Stress not, here I’ll tell you the best way to compose a Tinder bio, and getting all the more right swipes and – unquestionably more matches. We should start!

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