Types of Mannequins in the Market- Find the Best for You in Delhi


When it comes to Mannequins or dummies, it becomes very difficult to decide as there are variant types of mannequins for any business. So the best way is to find the mannequin which would be suitable for your product or business. Out of all the mannequins or dummies, there are three most common types of mannequins which are generally used for retail purpose. Of course, there are other types of mannequins as well but that hardly comes in regular use so let’s find the most commonly used mannequins or dummies for your business. This detailed information will definitely help you to choose the mannequin suited for your business.

The most commonly used Mannequins/Dummies are as follows-

  • Realistic Mannequins-


These are better known as realistic, natural mannequins, the reason behind it is that these mannequins depict a human face and body which is so real thus got this name. These are identical to humans as they have a fiberglass body with specific size, the makeup and the wigs are perfectly sized in both male and female types. The use of these mannequins or dummies is very common in high-end retail stores which can be easily seen in the market.

  • Abstract Mannequins-

These type of mannequins have a minimalist design which makes them contemporary pieces of art displayed in retail stores. Abstract mannequins don’t have facial expressions, muscles or elbows, even the makeup or wigs are hardly added, so the end result is very specific. These mannequins are fair and beautiful and large in sizes with a glossy or matte finish in different colours. Also, these mannequins are available in male and female bodies for the business so highly appreciated around the world.

  • Headless mannequins-

As the name suggests these dummies are without the head so these are known as headless, also because of the limited height they are perfect for small retail stores. These dummies are beautifully crafted in different shapes, sizes, poses and colours from fiberglass material. The neck of these dummies are long and cut straight, the fiberglass material ensures the durability of the body for a long time. Generally suitable to showcase any type of clothing but not able to convey emotions as they are headless. Available in both, male and female body and very suitable for retail business.

So these are the three main types of mannequins/dummies that are very often in use for the displaying of the products in the retail market. Now you can easily choose a mannequin best suited for your business. And in case you are from Delhi, you can definitely contact Lucky Mannequins in Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi as they offer a variety of dummies for every purpose be it displaying jewellery or fashion outfits. They have mannequins of males, females and children to serve your business in Delhi NCR.

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