Upcoming iPhone 11 or X1 Rumours



This year also, people have started spreading tittle-tattles about new Apple devices. Apple is expected to continue introducing iPhones in different sizes and over a wide price range to suit their customer’s budget.

In 2018, Apple offered the iPhone XS with a screen size of 5.8 inches, the iPhone XS MAX with 6.5 inches, and the iPhone XR with 6.1 inches. The iPhone XS devices have higher prices starting at $999, while the XR is priced at around $749.

iPhone lovers are expecting a similar cast in 2019 also.

Display type: Rumours have spread that perhaps with a continuation of both the iPhone XS and XR devices, we will get to see 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch OLED iPhones along with a 6.1-inch LCD iPhone. Although names of the new iPhones have not been revealed yet, but people expect them to be something like iPhone X1 or 11 series.

Apple is being expected to continue using OLED displays for 2019 iPhone devices. Some say that that Apple might go with an all OLED cast while others say that Apple will stick to LEDs because OLED displays have higher prices.

iphone 11 Leaked Images

No conventional processor anymore – iPhones are more likely to adopt an upgraded chip which will further improve the phone’s efficiency and performance.

Next-gen Camera: a bigger eye to see through – Gossips have laid out that the next-gen 6.5 inch iPhone will have a triple-lens rear camera but the smaller ones will continue with dual-lens camera.

The touch – Also, apple has removed the 3 D touch from iPhone XR and introduced Haptic Touch feature. Rumours suggest that Apple will replace the 3D touch completely with Haptic touch for all its devices to be launched in 2019.

And Yes! The most interesting ones are here.

iphone XI Images

Pencil support – Apple is also planning to introduce Pencil support which will let the devices to work with Apple’s stylus but nothing has been officially confirmed yet.

The notch with a twist – Apple has no plans to change the notch design but reports have suggested that the notch might shrink this year.

These were the top rumours we have heard about but we would love Apple to ditch the notch with a redecorated design.

So fellas! Keep a check on this muster. We will keep updating all the rumours regularly before the iPhone’s official launch traditionally scheduled in September every year.


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