Valentine’s Day 2022- History and Special Gifts Ideas for Romantic Boys & Girls



Valentine’s day or St. Valentine’s day has its history derived from Rome. Legends say that during the third century, the Roman Emperor Claudius II outlawed the marriage for young men because he thought that single men would make better soldiers. A young priest named Valentine was enraged with the Emperor’s decision and he continued to perform marriages of young lovers secretly. Claudius discovered it and sentenced the priest to death.

During his time behind the bars, St. Valentines fell in love with the jailer’s daughter, who visited him in jail. Before being put to death, he wrote a letter to the girl and signed it “From your Valentine” and since then, February 14 is celebrated as a day of honour to St. Valentine. The day is celebrated as a day to express love for significant others, friends and family. Flowers symbolize love, marriage, romance and thus Valentine’s day flowers are the best Valentine’s day gift for centuries. In addition to flowers, other Valentine’s day gifts include Chocolates, cards, heart shaped candies, etc.

If you want the day of love to be a little more romantic for you, here are some amazing gift ideas to make your lover love you even more.

Ten Amazing and Romantic Valentine Day Gift Ideas for Boys in 2022 :

Cute Valentine Day Ideas
  1. A sexy-smelling Cologne: gift him a scent of your choice which he would love to wear every day.
  2.  A grooming kit: guys are more finicky about their looks than girls are. Upgrade his grooming kit to make him look his best.
  3. A coupon book: add an element of fun to keep the things spicy and sudden. Gift him a book of sexy notes to make him crave for you more.
  4.  Scented candles: you can gift him scented candles to make him feel your presence in his room all the time.
  5. A road trip guide: if your man is a wanderer, what else could be the best gift for him? Surprise him with a road trip guide to plan your next road trip together.
  6. Personalised wall sculpture:  present him a personalised wall sculpture for his bedroom and remember you all the time.
  7. A romantic getaway: plan a romantic evening for your lover and make him feel high on cloud nine. Wink!!
  8. Get him his favourite bottle of champagne.
  9. You can gift him a power bank to be in touch with you 24*7.
  10. Get him his favourite active wear and enjoy gymming more.

Ten Cute and Romantic Valentine Day Gift Ideas for Girls in 2022 :

Romantic Valentine Day Ideas
  1. Makeup: Makeup is something a girl can die for. Surprise her with her favourite lip shades or nail pops.
  2. Trendy makeup bag: Makeup kit is a must have for every girl. Gift her, a funky makeup pouch to keep her stuff safe.
  3. For a sassy lady, a little fragrance is always a wise pick.
  4. A trendy leather backpack: a trendy backpack is a must have in a girl’s collection. Gift her the perfect one.
  5. A pair of cat eye sunglasses: add a drama to the gift and get her a dramatic eye wear.
  6. A pack of essential oils: gift her different essential oils to smell fresh all day long.
  7. Trendy accessories: who doesn’t like to accessorize? Gift her trendy jewellery and let her feel like the boho chic.
  8. Organic soaps: for making her home feel like a luxe hotel, gift her handmade soaps.
  9. If she is a health freak, get her the best active wear.
  10. A big, very big bouquet of chocolates can never go out of trend because a girl can never say NO to it.  

Have your best day of love this Valentines and make your partner feel out of this world.


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