Why Did AJIT DOVAL Change His Religion To Muslim For 7 Years?

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Ajit Kumar Doval, India’s current National Security Advisor is an IPS officer from 1968 batch. Doval was the youngest police officer to get the Police Medal for his praiseworthy service. He got it after six years of service in the police. Not only as a police officer, Doval also served as the director of Intelligence Bureau. People know him as a bloodthirsty thinker who has been the mastermind behind multiple sneaky missions.  He even superintended the rise of counter-insurgency movement in Kashmir. He lived undercover in Pakistan for seven years so is famous as INDIAN JAMES BOND in Pakistani Media. The 2019 Balakot airstrike was also planned by him.

In June 2014, Doval played an eminent role when 46 Indian nurses were trapped in a hospital in Tikrit, Iraq. He made sure that they return to India safely. And he did it. He went on a sneaky mission to Iraq to understand the position on the ground and take the required actions. He made high-level contacts in the Iraqi government and made the mission a success.

In an undercover operation in 1986, he had successfully bent the neck of North-East insurgency. This mission also gave him a lasting fame. He forced the secessionist leader to sign the peace accord.

Doval has outlined the Pakistani terrorism through his two lectures he has delivered on national security – first one being Nani Palkhivala Memorial Lecture at Shastra University, Tanjore, in February 2014 and second being, Lalit Doshi Memorial Lecture on ‘State Security Statecraft and Conflict of Values’ at Mumbai in August 2015 and these lectures constitute his theory known as ‘Doval Doctrine’. The theory has three themes as the core – Irrelevance of morality, Extremism freed from calculation or calibration and Reliance on military.

This Doval Doctrine is spread throughout the government’s current policies on Pakistan and China. As per him, Pakistan tries to terrorise India just to achieve ideological and political advantages.

He says that the enemy is to be engaged at 3 levels: defensive, defensive-offensive and offensive modes. The most used to ‘defensive’ mode is ineffective method. The ‘offensive-defensive mode’ meant getting into Pakistan and tackling the problem from where it originated. His famous quote shook Pakistan which says: “You may do one Mumbai; you may lose Baluchistan.” He says – Either Pakistan surrender terrorism against India as a state policy or India would let it “bleed with the Taliban”

Doval brought various separatists like Yasin Malik, Shabbir Shah Maulvi Farooq, and even the most pugnacious pro-Pak SAS Geelani to the negotiating table. He believes that the terrorist organizations could be either bought with money, weapons or manpower. Using high ended technology or intelligence-driven stealthy operations can also bring such organisations down.

About the Kashmir issue, Doval says – “We need not over react, it will all pass off as they cannot sustain beyond a point.” By this statement, he means that conciliation will not work here and if these people causing the unrest still manage to sustain beyond a point, then they will have to pay a higher price.

He has done a lot for the country’s safety. He even terminated 15 hijackings of Indian Airlines aircraft from the year 1971 to 1999. He also was the main negotiator with the Indian Airlines flight IC-814 hijackers in Kandahar in 1999.

His commendable work for the country has made him the fifth and the present National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister of India.


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