World Computer Literacy Day 2021: Things we Should Know


On December 2, the World Computer Literacy Day is considered an important event around the globe to spread digital awareness. Computers can be seen everywhere around us as they have transformed the daily life of almost every human being on the planet. Gone are the days when you could work without it as they changed every industry for good be it IT, education, medical or hospitality. So being computer friendly has become the necessity to work in today’s world to be accurate, fast to accomplish any task.

Our lives are greatly influenced by computers has they have been the key source through which we operate technology around us. Laptops, tablets and mobiles are the portable versions of the same which has allowed us to carry them as per our comfort. In the recent years technology has seen a major transformation through digital inventions like data sharing and applications which could be easily seen across the world. Social Media apps like facebook, Instagram and Youtube have become second home for us which are impossible to skip to live a happening life. Whereas Zomato, Swiggy, Ola are other platforms which have directly influenced daily lives of everyone.

So amid the daily changing technology there is need to keep up with latest knowledge to live a comfortable and fast life which has raised the demand to learn computers and its applications in every way possible. This constant desire to keep up with the technology across the globe has led to the World Computer Literacy Day which is widely considered on 2nd December of every year to create awareness through digital literacy in different parts of the UN and world as well. It is meant to promote technological skills among the underserved communities especially in children and women. The World Computer Literacy Day inspires us to learn and share our knowledge with people around to live a technology friendly life with the help of Computers and its other versions.

The day was originally founded by the Indian computer company NIIT. This year mark its 20th anniversary. However, it was first observed in the year 2001 on December 2.

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