World Earth Day- Ways with which you can Contribute towards the Nature


Every year on 22nd April, Earth Day, the climate crisis becomes more serious and worry some for us, because all the efforts made till now seems useless and insufficient. Although the international event brings together millions of people to support the environment in various ways which are required to save Mother Earth.

During the Pandemic, the lockdown was considered a blessing for nature as the unwelcomed Covid-19 made humans sit at home which leads to the ‘natural healing’ of the Environment. But figures show a threatening picture as the global CO2 emissions are way higher than pre-pandemic levels which are making the environment unfriendly for us. According to the studies we require to cut emissions by 45% till 2030 to keep global warming under control and this beautiful place liveable for us.

Well, we have an opportunity ahead of us to contribute towards the global cause which could be a small step individually but proves to be a great initiative eventually. There are very basic things which every one of us can do to protect the environment, making it a gesture for saying thanks to Mother Nature.

Here are the simple tips which anyone can do for the environment on this Earth Day 2021

  • Reuse, and recycle: Our habits have become very unfriendly with the environment and the most common example of this is the use of plastic. We have unnecessary made plastic bags, and other plastic made utilities important part of our life which could be often seen at shopping. Of course, this habit couldn’t be changed easily which require some eco-friendly replacement like paper or jute bags. The least we could re-use the bags for other purposes in spite of asking carry bags every time.


  • Volunteer: There are events that happen for spreading the message about global warming and an eco-friendly atmosphere, we should participate in such events and social causes. Cleaning drives, Plantations are the ways we can help the cause and spread it among the others, also add up to the efforts in making an eco-friendly atmosphere for all of us.


  • Educate: This is a very basic and important step for society as well as on an individual basis that what kind of environment we want to create for the coming generations. So we also require to educate ourselves and others about the importance of a healthy liveable atmosphere as life without nature is impossible.


  • Conserve Water: There are various research and studies which shows the scarcity of useable water for us and if we go careless like this then the future would be impossible life for humans. So the wise thought would be to save water for us and the generations to come.


  • Choose Sustainable: Here the most essential part is to change our habits of lifestyle where we should use sustainable items which are eco-friendly and good for nature. This way we can take a step forward in a positive direction for the sake of our environment which would result in the betterment of Mother Nature.


  • Shop wisely: This step takes us back to our shopping habits where we give self-importance and can even argue about it but not ready to change ourselves for the environment. Plastic has been considered the red alert as the environment is in danger which brings us in the danger ultimately.


  • Light Bulbs: There has been growth in the field of the electrical industry which motivates us to use energy-efficient light bulbs which reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But you should also turn off the switches when not in use.


  • Plantation: We have been unthankful to nature in so many ways and the very first among them is not planting trees around us. Well, there have so many stories to motivate us of people planting trees through their whole and there should be great learning for us.


  • Less use of chemicals: The industries have been pouring their toxic wastage into the water sources for so long that it has polluted the water life and the beautiful creatures living in it. They need to be responsible towards the environment and become eco-friendly in their working cycle, thus, sea life could become healthy again.


  • Ride Bike: Last but not least that we all should stop being mean and instead of using motor vehicles, start riding bicycles more often. Already there are groups who cycle to promote this cause but apparently, that’s not enough and we need to use cycle in daily life for regular activities.                                                                                    So these are some of the ways with which you can contribute towards nature and make it beautiful again. Happy Earth Day 202 1                                                                                                                                                     | World Earth Day | Earth Day 2021 | International Earth Day | Mother Earth Day |


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