World Laughter Day 2019; Quotes, Jokes and Images To Share



Laughter is the best medicine. This World Laughter day, smile and laugh out loud with your friends, family and loved ones. Smile and make others also smile with funny and humorous wishes. World Laughter Day is on Sunday 5th May 2019. The day is celebrated all over the world. Everyone laughs and send funny laughter wishes and quotes to one another. This helps them relieve the everyday stress of life.

The day is celebrated worldwide to relief their mind and body from everyday stress. Laughter is the key to be a positive life.  According to Laughter yoga Laughter is a positive and the most powerful emotion that has all the features to control and to change a person’s life and the mindset.” People meet and laugh at their laughter clubs and also enjoy comic shows. This day proves that laughter is the best medicine and it helps cure all the diseases.

Here are the funniest and wittiest wishes and quotes that you can send to your friends and loved ones this World Laughter Day.

First Here is The List of World Laughter Day Quotes and Wishes with Images to Share With Your Loved One


Funny Laughing Quotes and Jokes to be Shared on World Laughter Day 2019




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