Yom Hashoah, Jewish Commemoration Day for The Victims of Holocaust

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Yom Hashoah is a day when the Jews remember the Holocaust. The name has been derived from the Hebrew word ‘Shoah’, which means ‘whirlwind’.

Yom Hashoah was created in Israel in 1959 by law. It is observed on the 27th of the Jewish month of Nissan. The date has been chosen because it is the anniversary of Warsaw Ghetto uprising. It will be observed on the 2nd of May 2019.

How is Yom Hashoah celebrated?

Yom Hashoah ceremonies include lighting the candles for Holocaust victims and listening to the stories of those who survived. Prayer is conducted for the dead, which is known as Kaddish and the El Maleh Rahamim, a memorial prayer is also done. During this day, memorial events are organised throughout the country, along with some national ceremonies being held at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, a memorial for the murdered six million Jews.

For Israelites, Yom Hashoah is one of the most dignified days of the year. It begins at sunset on 26th of the Nissan and ends at the following evening, like all traditional Jewish special days.

On the day of Yom HaShoah, a siren is blown for 2 minutes throughout Israel and people drop off all their work and other activities to remember those who were killed in the Holocaust.



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